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City: Orlando, Florida
Nielsen U.S. TV market rank: 18th
Stadium: To be announced
Colors: Red, orange and gold.
General Manager: To be announced
Head Coach: To be announced
Team website: 

Legend has it that Orlando Reeves, a soldier who died in 1835 in the area of the city during a war, was the impetus for the city’s name change from “Jernigan” to “Orlando.” Reeves was acting as a sentinel for a company of soldiers who had set up camp for the night.

Orlando has seen its share of professional football over the years, and is a part of the rich high school football tradition in the state of Florida. It also is a simple drive to other Florida locales such as Tampa (85 miles), Gainesville (111 miles), Jacksonville (141 miles), Miami (233 miles) and Tallahassee (257 miles).

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