The Core Companies of NAFL Enterprises, Inc.


The North American Football League is a professional football league that will play games during the spring and early summer months

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NAFL Sports Network is the premiere sports network of the NAFL. Sports and the NAFL - the ultimate experience for the NAFL football fanatic.

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NAFL Charities will make a difference! Working together hand-in-hand with communities; helping one person, one day at a time.

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16 Teams | 1 Goal

The inaugural season will kick off with eight charter franchises. A strategic expansion plan has been constructed, and will be implemented to ultimately field 16 teams across the country by 2019 to provide the ultimate “fan-centric” football experience.

The NAFL’s charter franchises will be the Birmingham Freedom, Columbus Flight, Hartford Merchantmen, (Louisville) Kentucky Thoroughbreds, Memphis Kings, (Raleigh-Durham) North Carolina Redwolves, Orlando Sentinels, and (Richmond) Virginia Crusaders.

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Stay Connected with the NAFL

The NAFL Draft will be conducted annually in Nashville, Tennessee, and will be broadcast live on the NAFL Sports Network and distributed for rebroadcast to national, regional and local television stations.

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The NAFL - North American Football League - will conduct eight (8) regional combines that will lead into the NAFL Draft Combine, done annually in February prior to the start of each NAFL season.

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Since the true lifeblood of any league is the fans that support our teams and players, the NAFL - North American Football League - understands a quality organization is mandatory for league survival. We know final approval comes from our fans. Without fans, no team or league can truly be successful. That is why the NAFL will be the most "fan centric" league ever developed. In a truly interactive experience, fans will have the ability to help draft players, call a play during a game, and select the league's all-star teams.

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The North American Football League,
NAFL Sports Network and NAFL Radio
are subsidiary companies owned and
operated by NAFL Enterprises, Inc.